Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Brief description of course and learning outcomes:

Mechanical Engineering provides an encouraging environment where various skills and knowledge are incorporated to develop innovative products and the infrastructure and technology for product manufacture. The programme aims to provide the core discipline of Mechanical Engineering that allows students to make the right choice for further options. Mechanical engineers are in constant demand and mechanical engineers are able to venture into different industries like technology for manufacture, infrastructure, buildings, transportation, energy industries and innovative mechanical equipment. The Advanced diploma programme covers the essential range of topics from designing, machine elements, thermodynamics and strength of materials, fluid mechanics, instrumentation and mechatronics. The modules are essential to pursuing an engineering career in mechanical and understanding the design and its operations. The programme will equip students with the tools and techniques used in the Mechanical engineering industry in order to improve production. Upon graduation, the students will be eligible to be production support engineers, Technical officers, M&E coordinators and Assistant engineers.

Course Objectives:
On completion of the course, learners should be able to:
1. Develop a strong foundation in advanced mathematical concepts and techniques relevant to mechanical engineering applications.
2. Understand and apply principles of statics and dynamics to analyze and design mechanical components and systems.
3. Learn about fluid behaviour, flow analysis, and the design and operation of hydraulic machinery and systems.
4. Analyze and design mechanical components considering material properties, stress, strain, and structural integrity.
5. Understand various manufacturing techniques, materials processing, and quality control methods relevant to mechanical engineering

Course Mode and Durations

Content Part Time
Course Duration 12 Months
Total Contact Hours 216 Contact Hours(Term break between exams and modules)

Course Modules

# Module Title Contact Hours
1 Mathematics of engineers 18
2 CAD (Computer Aided Design) 18
3 Workplace Safety & Health 18
4 Engineering Mechanics 18
5 Occupational skills 18
6 Sustainable practices in Singapore 18
7 Mechatronics 18
8 Strength of Material 18
9 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery 18
10 Micro and Macro Economics 18
11 Project 36

Next Intakes

Every Month

Course Fee

Course Duration:12 Months
Course Fee:$3000.00 SGD ($250 X12 Installments )
Registration Fee:$150.00 SGD (Non – refundable)


English language proficiency, the candidates must have English subject minimum of grade C6 at ‘O’ level. The candidates should have a minimum of grade E at GCE ‘A’ Level in any 2 subjects or equivalent.

International Qualification Equivalent
Singapore Qualification Significant GCE ‘A’ Level
China Qualification Significant National College Entrance Examination (NCEE)
India Qualification Significant Secondary school certificate (SSLC)
Myanmar Qualification Significant Basic Education High School (BEHS)
Malaysia Qualification Significant Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Vokasional (SPMV)
Bangladesh Qualification Significant Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Candidates with Allians International College’s relevant diploma or equivalent diploma-level certificate from recognized institutions.
Matured candidate (i.e. minimum 30 years old with 8 years of working experience) with another relevant certificate qualification


Face to Face


75% attendance

Teacher Ratio:

• Lecture : 1: 20

Student Admission:

Enrollment Procedures
All applicants must submit the following documents:
✔ Completed course application form
✔ Front & Back photocopies of NRIC / Passport/Valid Work Pass
✔ Certified true copies of academic certificates & transcripts
✔ Registration Fee- $150.00 SGD(Non-Refundable)
✔ Application forms are available in Allians International College Administrative Office.
✔ All applicants are required to bring along the original (for verification purpose) and 1 copy of the educational qualifications and result transcripts to apply for the Courses.
✔ Cheques must be made payable to ”Allians International College” .